The Niuland District, an erstwhile sub-division of Dimapur District, was created as the 14th District of Nagaland following Cabinet Decision and notified on 20th December 2021. Niuland District is a land of diversity where the hills meet the plains and is only 68 kms from the state capital Kohima and 28 kms away from commercial city Dimapur. The District draws its name from the Sumi Dialect meaning “Our Land” –“NIU”-“LAND”. It shares its boundaries with Chumukedima, Wokha , Kohima and Assam. The administrative set up of Niuland includes 04 (Four) administrative circles namely Niuland Sadar, Kuhuboto Sub Division, Nihokhu EAC Circle and Aghunaqa EAC circle. The Niuland District has a total of 106 villages (102 recognised and 4 unrecognised villages) with one recognised town council namely Niuland Town Council.