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Name Designation Email Phone
Sarah S. Jamir, NCSDeputy Commissionerdcniuland[at]gmail[dot]com8880689355
T. Lemlila Sangtam, NCSADC HQniulandtowncouncil[at]gmail[dot]com9615784209
Relise Sangtam NCSSDO (C) HQrelisesangtam05[at]gmail[dot]com9612735722
Imlijungla Lemtur, NCSEAC Aghunaqaimlijungla[dot]l[at]gmail[dot]com7982588143
Avonuo Kire, NCSEAC Nihokhuavonuo701[at]gmail[dot]com7005968695
Thungbemo Patton, NCSSDO (C ) KuhubotoTPLotha[at]gmail[dot]com8415069252